Five-petalled Rose Celebrations Český Krumlov 2016

Term: 17 – 19 June, 30th Year

This is the 30th year of a municipal historical event from the renaissance period, an age of the Last Rosenbergs. The event holds the Event of the Year 2010 Award presented by Czechtourism – Kudy z nudy and Event of the Year 2014 title in the Historical Festivals category in the Czech Republic awarded at the Warrior Festival in Tábor.

THIS YEAR´S THEME: 30th anniversary celebrations

The tradition of Český Krumlov celebrations dates back to 1909 when a historical festivity took place to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the town. The noble Schwarzenberg family were guests of honour. The first event named the Five-petalled Rose Celebrations took place in 1968 at the behest of Mr. Antonín Zwiefelhofer, director at the Českokrumlovská scéna theatre and his colleagues from the local theatre. The event took place for three consecutive years and became quite popular. The emerging tradition of celebrating the five-petalled rose, symbol of the noble House of Rosenberg, was however cut short by the communist authorities as it was perceived to be an undesirable tribute to the feudalist regime. The Five-petalled Rose Celebrations were renewed in 1990, symbolizing the regained freedom and its tradition continues to this day.

A small collection of 30th anniversary commemorative items such as T-shirts, key tags, armbands, postcards will be produced. Merchandise will be on sale in stands on Svornosti Square, 1st Castle courtyard, Monastery courtyard, at the Brewery gardens and at the Info Centre Český Krumlov.

A small exhibition of photographs documenting the Five-petalled Rose Celebrations history has been prepared by Photo Club Český Krumlov and will be open to public at the Municipal Theatre foyer in Horní Street.



Five-petalled Rose Celebrations 2016 - photogallery

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